RC Hydro Tracks Kit

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Looking for ways to get your family OFF their devices and outside in the sunshine? 

Introducing RC Hydro Tracks, the ultimate experience in RC boat racing! RC Hydro Tracks turns your backyard swimming pool into an RC Boat Track in minutes.

What's included

  • 2 RC boats
  • 2 Remote Controls
  • 4 Anchored Floats (used to create multiple race tracks)


  • RC Hydro Tracks boats are jet-propelled by a 390 brushed motor with three-speed settings for all experience levels.    
  • If your boat capsizes, don’t worry the boats we’ve designed have two waterproof hatches to keep the water out and turn upright automatically using the button on the pistol grip transmitter
  • The 4 anchored floats can be arranged to create multiple tracks 
    (eg. oval, figure eight, and slalom tracks)
  • Our product has already been tested and is ready to produce.

With your support, we can bring RC Hydro Tracks to RC enthusiasts everywhere! Let's get outside for some family fun! 

Thank you for your consideration!
- The RCHT Family

RC Hydro Tracks is family-owned and operated. All inventions are Patent-pending! 

RC Hydro Tracks Kit
RC Hydro Tracks Kit